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Why Commercial Solar?

Today’s Federal Tax Incentives for commercial businesses make going solar a lucrative choice. These incentives can greatly reduce the cost of a Solar Power PV System, making now a perfect time to switch to solar!

  • 4 – 7 Years Payback Period

  • 14% – 18% Return on Investment (ROI)

  • 2¢ – 4¢ Cost of Solar Energy (kWh)

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How do you turn the sun into savings?

How Solar Works Graphic.png
How Solar Works #1.png

Sunlight enters the Solar Panels, generating a flow of electricity.

How Solar Works #2.png

The Power Inverter converts direct current (DC) to standard grid alternating current (AC).

How Solar Works #3.png

The Bi-directional Meter tracks how much energy is produced compared to the amount of energy that is consumed.

How Solar Works #4.png

The extra Clean Energy will be sent to the Utility Grid in a process called Net Metering.

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What is Net Metering?

Net metering allows your excess electricity that flows back to the grid to serve nearby neighbors while your meter essentially runs backwards. You can then gain credits and earn money by selling that electricity back to the grid.

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During the day...

Your system produces energy from the sun.  If your system over produces, it will turn your meter backwards feeding energy back to the grid.

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During the night...

Since there is no sun at night, your system will draw energy from the grid and turn your meter forward.

Here to take care of every step of the way

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Engineering &


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Installation &


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It’s Easy To Start Saving With Solar Energy

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